Image created in Minecraft of a sprawling green pasture with a hill to the left, bright blue sky behind with white clouds, and an impending fortress to the right glowing with orange and red hues and smoke cloud approaching.

Minecraft Legends Community Roundup: Fan Art Part 1

Minecraft Legends, an upcoming unique action strategy game, has finally been unveiled to the world and we couldn’t be more excited. Of course, you know we just had to ask the community to share fan art inspired by this legendary announcement. We received so many amazing entries we had to split it into two articles!  

We loved seeing all the submissions from the community and are thrilled to share, in no particular order, the ones we thought stood out.

Kicking things off is Snub F. Sploinkus with this adorable golem. 

Byron delivered this colorful scene complete with allays and piglins.

Caterpillar899 took to Minecraft to build one of their favorite scenes from the announcement trailer.

Accnt went and recreated some of the combat scenes shown in the announcement trailer.

4-FX gave us this smashing piglin drawing. 

Quillager created a mashup of elements from the trailer into this single image.

Lue’s submission has an amazing, ethereal quality to it with a piglin emerging from a portal. 

Oblixoid recreated the mysterious symbols that appear in the trailer (around the 1:33 mark for those of you who might want to take a look). 

We love the inspiring message included in Toast’s entry. 

Keeping the banner trend going, The Dancing Parrot submitted this glorious duck. 

Azumax556291 seemed really captured by this little cutie from the trailer. 

Bello666 gave us these adorable allay faces. 

Firefang gave us a bit of sunshine with impending doom and gloom in this recreation of a scene from the trailer.

Finally, Fundud10381 showed some love to one of the villagers from the trailer. It’s so cute!

We were truly astounded by the variety of submissions sent in as well as the passion and excitement for Minecraft Legends, so thank you to everyone who participated.

Want to share your creations? Use the hashtag #FeatureMeMinecraft on Twitter, or keep an eye on our Discord server for future community and fan art features!!

Written By
Lindsey S.