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Minecraft Legends Campaign Tips

Seven useful features you don't want to miss out on!

What’s better than defeating the piglins? Defeating them again. And again. In our studio, we’ve been fighting these scurrilous swine for over a month now, and many of us have emerged victorious, some even multiple times!

But as we shared tales of bravery around the office, we realized that our experiences were pretty different in terms of what strategies we used. This inspired us to put together a list of useful but potentially easy-to-miss features that make your job as the hero of the Overworld a little bit easier.


Banner View


Ever wished your units would stop getting distracted by piglins and just focus on the structure you sent them to? If the answer is yes, then you have yet to discover the convenience of Banner View. While complex at first glance, this feature is easy to use and makes battles involving lots of units much smoother. 

Banner View allows you to select specific mobs within your hero’s range to send into battle and choose how they will behave. Here’s how to use it, step-by-step:


  1. Select which units you want to control. You can choose individual units like cobblestone golems or zombies, or you can select groups of mobs like ranged, melee, special, and legendary.  


  1. Hover your cursor over your target, whether it’s a structure or a piglin. You now have two options:


    2a. “Charge” will send your units in the target’s direction while allowing them to fight other enemies or structures that are in the way.


    2b. “Focus Target” will make them attack that enemy or structure only, no matter what.


  1. Whichever command you choose, you can tap the button/mouse to send in one unit of the type you’ve selected, or long press to send all of them. 


With this feature, you can easily have your cobblestone golems focusing on structures while your plank golems do what they do best: kick piglin rump. Just seek out an outpost to practice your new skills and show those piglins your leadership chops!


Recall units

As someone who has watched many terrible shows because I was too lazy to get the remote from way over there, I relate to the heroes that groan out loud when they realize they left their units at the far end of a piglin base. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to! Simply build a spawner (or approach any existing one) and use “Recall” to bring back any golems that you may have left behind. 


Village chests 

If you find yourself running out of resources – especially lapis – then you might want to take a look at your village chests. The inhabitants of villages you keep safe from piglin invasions give you resources from the nearby biomes. They will also give you lapis, which you can get from defeating piglins wandering in the Overworld, but village chests are the fastest way to obtain it. 


Build improvements early 

Improvements not only allow you to spawn and rally more mobs, but they also unlock the ability to collect resources that are needed to upgrade your structure arsenal and spawn mobs. Can’t wait to unleash an army of creepers upon a large piglin base? You’ll need coal for that, and you can’t gather coal without building the corresponding improvement first. So next time you have a couple hundred prismarine sitting in your storage, maybe pop back to the Well of Fate and see what cool stuff you can unlock! 


Unlock the power towers and the Firsts 

Some say you haven’t really experienced Minecraft Legends until you’ve seen the First of Stone fling a boulder at a piglin. You’ve probably already discovered some of the different mounts in the game, but did you know there are some unique golems and towers out there too? Both can give you a huge advantage in battle, just make sure you build their respective improvements and gather enough resources to collect them! It takes some work, but they’re worth it.  


Upgrade your defenses 

Wood will work when dealing with fewer, smaller piglins, but once those pigmadillos show up it’ll feel more like paper. That’s why you need to build the masonry, which upgrades the wood defenses within its radius to stone! Also, make sure you have enough 'Gather Iron' improvements built, so you can store enough iron to build the masonry. The piglins will constantly escalate this conflict, so it’s up to you to stay one step ahead of them. 


Build floating wellhouses (?!) 

This is one of the more interesting tips that came out of our discussions, when our very own Editor Per Landin told me that he built floating wellhouses! Skeptical? Here’s how you can do it too. 

First, build a wellhouse on top of a tree or stone pillar. Then, ask your allays to collect the wood or stone in the area beneath the wellhouse. And there you have it, a floating wellhouse that piglins can’t get to! You probably won’t be able to get to it either without some bouncecaps, but you can certainly fast-travel to it. And just to be safe, make sure you bring a mount that can glide down.


There you go! Hopefully you’ve discovered something new in this article that will make your battles for the Overworld a tiny bit easier. And don’t forget, some of these tips should also come in handy in some Lost Legends! Why not join our Discord and share some tips of your own? And make sure you keep an eye on @legends_game for new content, because this month’s free challenge involves llamas... and everything that comes with them. (Spoiler alert: it's spit.)

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