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The Minecraft Legends key art, showing the Overworld and Nether as well as their inhabitants side by side

Minecraft Legends’ Arabic translation

We are working on fixing the Arabic localization

Earlier this month, we were very excited to announce that Minecraft Legends would offer an Arabic translation. This is something we care deeply about, as we believe that Minecraft is truly for everyone.

However, recently, we started receiving feedback about the Arabic localization, specifically that it was incorrect in various ways, rendering the translation unusable and forcing players to use English instead. Obviously, we’ve messed up, and we are deeply sorry. 

We apologize to our Arab players in particular. We promised we’d make Minecraft Legends a more inclusive experience for you, and we did not deliver on that.

We are actively working on this, and we will deliver a fixed translation as soon as we can. We will let you know on our various channels (, @legends_game, and @minecraft) when it is ready. 

Thank you for all your support and feedback.

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