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Minecraft Launches on Switch in May

Wahoo! A new edition for Nintendo’s shiny new console!

Mark May 11th in your calendars - for it is the day that Minecraft begins to roll out across the globe on Nintendo Switch. Find it in the Nintendo eShop!

As announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, this new edition of the game comes with the Super Mario Mash-Up pack, along with other features familiar to Console Edition crafters.

The big difference is how the game works with the various viewing and playing options the Switch offers, with its lovely palm-sized Joy-Cons and choice of TV or portable screens. Up to 8 players can get together online, while 4 can join each other in local multiplayer on the TV or in tabletop mode, supporting both splitscreen and the Pro Controller.

Here are some snaps from both the Mash-Up Pack and the base game!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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