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Minecraft Earth Mobs in the Park

Sydney, London, and New York – meet our new mobs IRL!

Like a catchy summer pop song or that nasty rumour that I wear odd socks to work, Minecraft Earth is spreading all around the world and cannot be stopped! It’s our new AR mobile game that’s now in early access in loads of lovely countries (click here for a frequently updated list).

The United States gets Minecraft Earth in early access today, and to celebrate the rapidly growing global availability of our mobile slice of awesome reality, we’re bringing some of its new mobs to the real world – literally!

Minecraft Earth contains new mobs you won’t find in the Minecraft you already know and love. But you might find them just a few blocks away, depending where you live, because we’re setting up near-life-sized Minecraft Earth pop-up statues in New York City, London, and Sydney. These statues are your chance to not only meet the Muddy Pig, the Moobloom and the Jolly Llama (new mob alert!) in person – you can also acquire the Jolly Llama in-game while you do. Say hi from me!

These statues will have a QR code, giving you access to an exclusive new adventure where you can unlock the Jolly Llama before it’s globally available in December. A whole extra month of Jolly Llama goodness? If that’s not worth blowing all my savings on a flight to Sydney for, I don’t know what is.


Starting on Saturday, November 16, these pop-ups will be live for three consecutive weekends, until December 1. So on those weekends, you’ll be able to interact with these pop-ups from 9 am to 6 pm (UPDATE: Those times were previously 10am to 7pm, but we've adjusted them to catch more daylight as we forgot our mobs are scared of the dark. Reset your alarm clock accordingly!)


The pop-ups will be available in three places:

  • New York - The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001 - near the Vessel!
  • London - The Queen’s Walk, Southbank - near Hungerford Bridge!
  • Sydney - Campbell’s Cove - 35 Circular Quay W, The Rocks NSW 2000
  • My Apartment - If I Successfully Steal the Muddy Pig Statue in Time...

...and I’ve signed several very important looking legal documents promising not to do that, so don’t worry about that last one.


I agree! These pop-up statues will be fully supervised by helpful folk who’ll help you scan the QR code, experience the new adventure, and nab yourself a Jolly Llama in-game to take home. They’ll also make sure I get nowhere near the Muddy Pig. Good work, folks!

We’ll be revealing what these statues look like on Twitter very soon. If you don’t want to miss out and spend the rest of your life wondering what the statues looked like, click here to follow @minecraftearth on Twitter. When you get yourself a Jolly Llama, use it in your in-game builds and post screenshots with #minecraftearth to make us happy! Post a screenshot of the Jolly Llama with an ACTUAL llama to blow our minds.

Want to learn more about Minecraft Earth? Click here!

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