Image by WhiteHoodHacker, Metropolitan City build in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth: Limbo Challenge

How low can you go?

Usually when we think about builds in Minecraft, we’re always contemplating “can we make this higher” or “can we make this bigger?”. Today, we’re looking at the Minecraft Earth community’s recent build challenge that posed a vague yet intriguing question; “How low can you go?” 

Challenged with making builds up to four blocks high,like this cityscape from WhiteHoodHacker, our community dug deep into their imagination to present us with these great builds.


Of course, after a busy building session you may need to take some time to relax. Fortunately, TheMagicianThing created a small fountain spa retreat for the active adventurer with not a lot of room to spare.

Our Minecraft Earth community has already taken on a number of challenges, both big and small, but they’re always welcoming new builders to join in the fun. Are you ready to get involved in our next Minecraft Earth Build Challenge? Join our Discord channel today and see what your fellow community members are creating next.

Written By
Nova Barlow