Minecraft Dungeons Oceans FanArt

The Hidden Depths DLC for Minecraft Dungeons released earlier this year, and our community took us under the sea with this impressive collection of fanart inspired by the update. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites!

archillager20 has created a great illustration of an Ancient Guardian, which is looking as menacing as ever!

tqxic__’s piece is crafted with pixel art, showing Baby Ghast's first wave encounter!

The Meme bugs created a digital painting showing the wide variety life under the sea, with a unique take on the Tropical Slime.

Void Bon went the route of creating a 3D render, showing what our axolotl friends could look like in Minecraft Dungeons. "When you're ready to go into battle with the sea slayer!"

Ender blaster took to the sketch pad and penned together this work of art. Whoever is fishing on the surface is in for a nasty surprise!

SeaOfPixels created some renders showing remixed weapons. We'd love to collect these!

"Double Axe themed around the Drowned - Drowned Battle Axe

Bubble Bow themed around Guardians - Abyssal Bow

Cutlass themed around Glow Squids - Luminous Scimitar"

Which missions and mobs from Hidden Depths are your favorite? I’d tell you mine, but I just remembered I need to go play some Minecraft Dungeons. Bye!

Kristina Horner
Written By
Kristina Horner