Minecraft Dungeons is now on Steam

Get it today along with special bonus content!

There’s something in the air, can you feel it? I have the sudden urge to cook a bunch of dumplings in a basket over boiling water. Maybe I’ll also take a warm bath and marvel at the fog buildup on my mirror. Or hop on an old timey train and see where the tracks take me. I wonder why all these impulses are suddenly washing over me. Maybe I should check my calendar. Well, would you look at that? Now everything makes sense! 

Minecraft Dungeons is launching on Steam today! I am sure your preferred version is already in your Wishlist, but in case you want a reminder, the base game is available for $19.99 USD and the Ultimate Edition for $39.99 USD. The Ultimate Edition includes the base game, all six DLCs, hi-res digital artwork, and a soundtrack for the entire game and DLCs!

Wow, that is a lot of content. I wonder if the cardboard box that IT put in front of me is powerful enough for all the epic adventures I am about to go on. How could it not, this thing’s been rumbling for a few days and vapor has been rising from the top since lunch. 

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis