Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Meet the Team

Meet the devs crafting our new action adventure game!

How are we making Minecraft Dungeons? Sorry, but that’s none of your business. Bye!

...you’re still here? Oh, very well. Treat your eyes to a watch of this new video, and learn more about the wonderful people working on our new action-adventuring, dungeon-crawling, sentient key-containing game! If you’ve ever wondered what challenges this team encounter, how they’re working together to craft a terrific co-op experience, and which member of the team thinks it’s OK to wear sunglasses indoors, then watch this and wonder no more:


Let’s elaborate on something Adrian Toncean talks about in that video. See the Key Golem? That charming/screaming key that runs away from you when you try to pick it up? Our plan is that only players will be able to pick up the key golem, not mobs.  

So when Adrian realised one of the pets you can pick up, the pet bat, was breaking the rules by picking up the key, he came up with a slippery solution - he’d add the tag ‘butterfingers’ so the mob wouldn’t pick it up! Unfortunately, Adrian had forgotten that someone had already done this, with a tag of the exact same name - himself! More like butterbrain, amirite.

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Tom Stone
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Tom Stone