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Minecraft Dungeons anniversary fanart

Minecraft Dungeons celebrated its one-year anniversary last month, what better way to celebrate this exciting milestone than with an art event? The community really delivered – in fact, there were so many wonderful submissions, it was difficult to pick just a few to highlight!

This first piece by PeanutBlues features a candy-loving Arch-Illager. There’s a lot of things to love about this – my favorite are those epic gumdrop boots. 

MinasBeans said “[I] recently wondered “What if necromancers could pick up key golems, like other mobs can?” and this is the result!" Key Golem all tuckered out from partying... time to return to the temple and rest for another year.”

Dewie says this about their creation: "Redstone Monstrosity has emerged from the ruby red forge to celebrate ONE YEAR of Minecraft Dungeons, by showing up in some blue party decorations!" 

This lovely piece by NuggetZPRO features "Archie” after the Orb of Dominance has been destroyed, and the villages can finally celebrate the first year of the game.

And finally, we’ve got a very adorable Arch-Illager created by archillager20.

Good work to everyone who submitted fanart and be sure to keep the party going by continuing to play Minecraft Dungeons! Got some Dungeons fanart of your own? Send it to us at

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner

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