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Minecraft Controllers Out Today!

Are you a pig pad person or a Creeper controller crafter?

Did you see the new limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S we announced a few weeks ago? “B-but I already have an Xbox One S!” you might have wailed at the time. “I just want that awesome Creeper controller it comes with! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!”

Whoa, calm down, chum! Because as of today, you can buy the Creeper controller separately. Or, if you prefer your mobs a bit more cute and a lot less explodey, we've got an adorable pig pad that you can get your porky mitts on too. Unlike the Creeper one, this pig pad isn't bundled with the Minecraft Xbox One S - so it's well worth picking up if you want a second controller that's co-ordinated with your new console!

They've got plenty of nice touches too – I'm particularly fond of the curly tail on the back of the pig controller, and I'm also particularly worried about the TNT block on the back of the Creeper one. Er, make sure you put it down carefully, OK?

You can snatch up the pig controller here and the Creeper controller here.

Or if you'd like to know more about that limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S, click here!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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