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MINECON Earth 2018: save the date!

A celebration of all things Minecraft: streaming live September 29

Get ready to mark a big creeper face in your calendar: MINECON EARTH 2018 has been officially announced!

That’s 90-minutes of the most spectacular, most celebratory, most Minecrafty show to ever be broadcast, beamed to every corner of the globe!

It’s all happening on Saturday September 29 and streaming live to… well, wherever you want to watch it, really. Invite some buddies over to catch the broadcast from the comfort of your couch, head out to meet like-minded minecrafters at one of our many super special MINECON Earth Parties, or simply lock yourself in the toilet and watch the whole thing on your phone. It’s all good. Well, unless someone else needs the bathroom.

We’re keeping most of the details secret for now, but we can tell you that we’ve lined up 5 mysterious co-hosts from the amazing Minecraft community to join our very own Lydia Winters on the stage.

And OF COURSE we’ll have a costume competition and loads of amazing panels!

We’ll have more details on how you submit your entries for the costume competition soon, but if you already have an amazing idea for a panel you want to organise, you can find the submission form here.

Keep an eye on for the latest news.

Join us on September 29! Let’s get together, wherever you are!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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