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MINECON Earth Co-Host: OMGchad

Which mob would Chad be? Find out in our mini-interview!

We’re super excited to be sharing the MINECON Earth stage with Minecrafter extraordinaire and YouTube wizard OMGChad! If you don’t know him already, here are a few of the essential facts…

What’s your name?

Chad Johnson / OMGchad

Where can we see your cool video stuff?

What is best in life: Survival or Creative? Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Vanilla or modded?

I LOVE playing vanilla multiplayer! Playing with my friends is what got me hooked on Minecraft! That being said, I am always playing single player creative when I make my YouTube videos.

If you were a Minecraft mob, which would you be?

If I were a Minecraft mob, I would want to be something that can be dyed… like a red sheep! Yeah, I think I would be a red sheep!

What’s the one item or block you think we should add to Minecraft?

I wish there were grappling hooks in Minecraft! Imagine swinging from mineshaft to mineshaft over huge ravines. It would be awesome!

What’s your greatest Minecraftin’ achievement?

When I first started playing Minecraft, I spent over two weeks trying to learn how to use redstone to build a 16-destination rail network. Once it was completed I was so proud of it!

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