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MINECON Earth Co-Host: InTheLittleWood

Check out our Q&A with the Yogscast’s Martyn!

A Minecrafter from the very early days, it’s an absolute mega-honour to have Martyn Littlewood join us on the MINECON Earth stage! Let’s get to know him better via the medium of Q&A...

What’s your name?

Martyn Littlewood / InTheLittleWood

Where can we see your cool video stuff?

What is best in life: Survival or Creative? Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Vanilla or modded?

Multiplayer minigames, particularly Bed Wars and the occasional mad dash of Quakecraft. I love the pvp action!

If you were a Minecraft mob, which would you be?

Slime. It's green and just hangs out having a good time!

What’s the one item or block you think we should add to Minecraft?

Teleporters. (They'd come as a set of two.) Using nether portals is okay but I'd love a single block platform you could step on to and have it teleport you to its partner in other parts of your world. You could set up homes away from home or a make a fast travel back to a stronghold or mineshaft! Just imagine a cool room in your base lined up with teleporters all signposted! :D

What’s your greatest Minecraftin’ achievement?

Probably firing an arrow a reeeeeally long distance in the nether. It hit a ghast's fireball and deflected it back into the ghast, killing it. It was half-luck, half-skill!

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