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MINECON Earth Co-Host: Aureylian

Find out all about the YouTube star in our Q&A

MINECON Earth 2018 got about 1000% cooler when Aureylian agreed to co-host with us. And it was already VERY cool indeed. Here are a few facts about the YouTubin’ legend…

What’s your name?

Erin Wayne / Aureylian

Where can we see your cool video stuff? and

What is best in life: Survival or Creative? Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Vanilla or modded?

My favorite experiences in Minecraft have always been playing on modded, multiplayer survival servers. The ability to play the game in almost limitless ways, designing any world I can think of, and share that with my friends is what makes Minecraft such a special game (and why I've played consistently for the last seven years).

If you were a Minecraft mob, which would you be?

The cutest mob - an ocelot!

What’s the one item or block you think we should add to Minecraft?

I would love to see rainbows appear in the sky after it rains!

What’s your greatest Minecraftin’ achievement?

I once built a fully functional movie theater with Direwolf20 in a modded Minecraft server. When you hit a button, a curtain rose, the lights went down, and a real movie (in ascii form) played on a big screen in a theater with stadium seating you could actually sit in. It's still the coolest thing I've ever built.

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