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Meet the Vindicator

Here's Johnny!

They may live in mansions, but the Illagers are big fans of the Castle Doctrine. Trespass on their turf and you may well find yourself on the wrong end of a Vindicator’s axe. Or munched by the Evoker’s magic fangs. Or stabbed by the impish flying Vex. Maybe you could pretend you’ve just popped round to borrow a cup of sugar? Best of luck with that!

The Illagers were created because we were talking about having some kind of generic, evil soldier mob in the game - slightly more intelligent than skeletons. It felt natural to have an evil villager. We figured they were ill-willed villagers and so from the beginning they were supposed to be “Ill Villagers”. And then Tomasso suggested they should be EVIL-agers - and then we cut it down to just Illagers. Jens Bergensten

The Evoker came first, but Jens wanted another, partly to increase the variety of attackers you’d be facing, deploying long and short range tactics. But also, Jens says, he wanted to give the sense of that the Illagers are a diverse bunch of individuals, each with their own set-up.

And so the homicidal rush-mob, the Vindicator, was born - lurching at you from the dark recesses of the mansion, axe raised high.

He just looks insane – and it made me think of The Shining, when Jack Nicholson breaks through the bathroom door, yelling, "Heeere's Johnny!" So I thought it was funny to add an Easter Egg in which you name him Johnny and he would constantly be in hostile mode and kill everything he sees! Jens Bergensten

Insane or not, old Johnny’s probably right to assume you’re there to steal from him. But whether vindicated or vanquished, Johnny isn’t likely to be the end of the Illager menace - more fiendish foes are planned to inhabit the Woodland Mansion in the near future. Watch out!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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