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Meet the Shulker

Get under the shell of the camouflaged critter

Adventurers should explore the outer islands of the End with care - in among the blocks of purpur hang these cannily camouflaged critters. Get too close, and their block-shaped shells pop open, allowing the mollusc-like Shulker to launch a homing projectile!

It all started when we added the End City. 'End City' was a work-in-progress name, actually, but it just kind of stuck. We wanted to make a new mob for the area and, initially, I was working on a new type of golem you could craft, but I couldn’t come up with a fun design.

Then I had the idea of a mob which lived inside the voxel grid. So, I made this cube-shaped mob that’d open up and shoot projectiles that follow the grid, chasing after the player by flying in straight paths and then doing 90 degree turns.

Jens Bergensten

When you get hit by one of the missiles, you start to levitate. The reasoning was that you might use the levitation to get across from island to island, allowing yourself to get hit on purpose. But it’s a risk-reward scenario. It’s likely that you will float up and be hit more times and then fall to your death. It’s a big incentive to seek out the Elytra first as you tackle the End - then you can just glide down to safety, assuming you manage to get out of the Shulker’s range!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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