Meet a Minecrafter: Battleship Island

We took Riku Kato to the Japanese island he built in Minecraft!

Players craft builds in Minecraft that are based on real-world locations all the time, but how often do they actually get to visit the places they've rebuilt block by block? Especially one as ambitious as what Riku Kato decided to make in Minecraft – the Japanese World Heritage Site, Battleship Island.

Well we were so impressed by his fantastic build, that we decided to take him on a trip to the island! Watch him compare his build to Battleship Island in the video below:

Plus, if you're curious to see what his Minecraft version of Battleship Island looked like then you can enjoy that too in this video:

Hey, do you reckon if I built a five star hotel in Minecraft, Mojang would fly me there, all expenses paid? Probably not.

A huge thanks to Riku Kato and everyone who helped make this video! For more great Mojang videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Written by
Tom Stone