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Meet the Mag’s Colourful Characters

Say hello to Minecraft’s newest heroes!

Last week we launched the all new Minecraft: Official Magazine. It’s 60 pages of Minecraft tips, tricks and tales, as told by devs, players and experts alike. Issue One is on shelves now in the UK, with other countries to follow as soon as logistically possible!

Delivering many of the deep ‘crafting insights are a new crew of Minecraft characters. You may have seen Trudi Castle’s awesome illustrations of them on Twitter - and she’ll be drawing a comic in which they star every month. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these folks down the line, so here’s a quick intro to each of them!


The most hard-bitten survival expert the world has ever seen – at least in his own estimation – Bear has faced desperate odds with nothing but an egg and steely determination, and then somehow made those odds go crying home to momma. Bear will use any excuse to prove his survival credentials, and is known to suddenly emerge from potted plants to impress upon people the importance of vigilance, before receding into the foliage, whispering, “Become the jungle!” Bear is incapable of not rising to a challenge, no matter how stupid it is. He’s insufferable, ludicrous, self-serious… but, perhaps regretfully, he really knows his stuff.


When you’re facing danger, uncertainty and overwhelming odds, Scout is the person you want by your side. Though she’s chilled and mellow, mention danger and Scout will get a glint in her eye, which is perhaps a little unsettling. Mention mortal peril and Scout will bellow, “I WAS BORN FOR THIS!”, unsheathe her blade of choice and pile straight out the door – before returning to double-check who she was meant to be stabbing. Sure, Scout’s enthusiasm for the cut-and-thrust of combat may occasionally get the entire group into trouble – explosive, fire-breathing, clawed trouble – but she’s the person you need to help send it packing again.


All Sparks wants to do is make things. She’s a builder, an architect, a redstone expert... and five times more enthusiastic about everything than it’s healthy to be. Sparks loves stuff! She loves her friends! She loves animals! She loves exclamation marks! Craft planks for Sparks and she’ll swear they’re the best planks she’s ever seen, and that you’re her best friend and, oh, they’re just what she wanted and, gosh, she’s not going to cry. Sniff, she’s really not. The only thing Sparks doesn’t love is the dark and groaning beasts that live in the shadows. Which is why the thing she loves most is building impenetrable fortresses surrounded by traps. She loves lava rooms! They’re so colourful and burny!


Monty is a gentleman scholar on a mission to unpick the secrets of the world. He’s fascinated by animals and plants, and what delicious things they can be turned into when sufficiently pulped. With his mind focused on these higher things, or his belly, Monty often overlooks the realities of the world around him – like where he is, or the danger that an intriguing specimen of the Nether’s ecosystem might pose, or the probability that Scout will stab him if he tries to dissect her pet wolf again.

You can read all about these guys exploits in the first edition of Minecraft: Offical Magazine, out now in the UK!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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