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Meet the Magma Cube

A fiery threat that's molten to the core

It's our worst nightmare come to life. We'd spent hours merrily bashing blocks to pieces, smug in the knowledge those crushed up little cubes will never get their revenge – at least, we were smug, until we met some blocks that fought back. Few are as deadly as the Magma Cube locking sights on you. Get seen by this red and black horror and it bounces for you relentlessly, its springy body barely concealing a molten lava core that will fill your body with hot flamy pain. Friendly hugs are not advised.

Luckily, stay away from the Nether and you'll never (ha!) cross these deadly cuboids. Never have to shudder at their creepy orange eyes. Never experience the trauma of successfully slaughtering one only for several more to take its place. Continuing the Nether's recurring theme of deadlier counterparts to the Overworld beasts we know and love, the Magma Cube behaves in a similar way to the Slime mob, bouncing around and splitting into smaller life forms every time we think we've finished them off. That's no coincidence:

“It started out as a retexturing of the Slime for the Nether - it was just going to be a Lava Slime. But then when I named it that, I felt it was a bit lazy to retexture a mob. I wanted to make it more unique. I can’t really remember how I came up with the idea to have a layered block, but it’s one of my favourite mobs now. It really intrigues me. It doesn’t stand out in any particular way - I just really like it! You can use Magma Cream [an item Magma cubes drop] to brew Fire Resistance potions.” Jens Bergensten

True, but you'll have to fight a deadly fire enemy to get it, making a Magma Cube confrontation a tense gamble of risk versus reward. Incidentally, Magma Cream can also be combined with a Water Bottle to craft a Mundane Potion, a potion with no particularly good use. At least, not yet! The Mundane Potion is a remnant of an abandoned procedural brewing system - meaning that the recipes were meant to be different each time you generated a Minecraft world. But this didn't turn out to be much fun for the player and the system was abandoned, leaving the Mundane Potion without a purpose. "It's sort of like an appendix," says Jens. But who's to say what designs our devs might be concocting in the future?

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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