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Meet the Husk

The powerful zombie that punches us peckish!

I remember the first time I had the pleasure of meeting a Husk. I had gotten myself trapped in a sandpit of my own creation (as you do). Then, looking up, I saw a silhouette towering over me, lit up against the burning desert sun. “At last, my savior!” I cried, doing a little jig for joy. But then I heard that awful zombie screech, and I was thumped over the head.

Good times.

Husks dwell deep in desert sands, far away from their greatest nemesis, water. Come stumbling into their domain and they'll impart a deep hunger upon your soul to go with that dreadful thirst you must be suffering. For real, you actually get really hungry when they hit you. And unlike their regular Zombie friends, they don’t mind the sun. In fact, I’ve heard that when they’re not out attacking us, they enjoy catching some rays. Because who wants gross, green, flammable flesh when you can get a sweet undead tan?

Husks were actually created by Jason Mayer at a game jam. After every major release we have a game jam where we can essentially make anything and he made a Husk. I thought it was interesting to add some variation to the standard mobs, so I implemented them in Java and then they were implemented into Pocket as well. Jens Bergensten

So I'm not safe from them in both those versions of the game? Oh goody.

If you’re hanging around in the desert (why are you hanging around in the desert?!) you’ll probably notice more Husks trying to maul you than regular plain old photosensitive zombies. This is because there’s an 80% chance for a desert-born zombie to be a Husk, so they'll gladly get all up in your grill, ruining your otherwise lovely summer BBQ. So WATCH OUT. Unless you want to end up being that BBQ's main course...

Emily Richardson
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Emily Richardson

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