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Meet four Minecrafters: MINECON Hosts!

The quintessential quartet co-hosting MINECON Live on Sept 28!

It’s the most glorious time of year for us at Mojang – MINECON Live season! This Saturday, September 28 at 12PM EST, we'll be broadcasting an epic livestream celebration of all things Minecraft. It's got us feeling extra generous so we have a special treat this month… Meet a Minecrafter? No, no, let’s meet four!

Of course, these four minecrafters are no ordinary minecrafters, they’re the co-hosts of this year’s MINECON Live. Sensing a theme? I sure hope you are, because the video is all about the co-hosts heading to Sweden to prep for the big day:

Along with Lydia Winters, these four will be presenting MINECON Live this Saturday, September 28 at 12pm EST. You’ll be able to watch MINECON Live on Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and (how convenient!).

See you saturday!

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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