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Meet the Chicken Jockey

Bad Egg

“Oh what fun!” you say, upon seeing a tiny zombie riding an adorable chicken. “A tiny zombie riding an adorable chicken! I'm going to skip over and pet it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?”

This, my friend, is what makes you a FOOL. Before you know it, you've been stabbed by the tiny zombie riding that no-longer-adorable chicken. This has happened to me at least 863 times, so you really should take my word for it. I know the chickens’ awful secret - it's merely a vehicle for the stabby undead. The sweet, innocent chicken you thought you knew is a lie. I asked Jens to tell me the unnerving truth about these feathery jerks:

It’s a zombie that rides a chicken. This was made by Nathan as a, well, I think it’s partly a joke. He thought it was funny. And they are quite scary because they’re very aggressive. We had a huge problem with, er, when the zombies, they spawn and despawn all the time in the game, but with the chickens, they always remain. So for a while we had a problem that they would just fill the caves with chickens. Because they would spawn chicken jockeys but then despawn the zombie, just leaving the chicken behind. But Nathan fixed that, so now the chicken despawns as well. Jens Bergensten

Truth is, it can be a baby zombie, zombie pigman, zombie villager or husk that rides the chicken. The chicken is not picky (pecky?) about the evil it begets. What’s worse, these chickens are imbued with the speed of their riders, becoming faster and more menacing. And while they run faster, they also fall slower and don’t take any damage from falling. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

If you manage to survive an encounter with this FOWL creature, you’re likely to find yourself covered in feathers, chicken meat and rotten flesh. Weirdly, you may sometimes also find carrots, potatoes and ingots. Perfect, now I can make a delicious stew! Um, how much rotten flesh are you supposed to put in chicken stew again?

Emily Richardson
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Emily Richardson

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