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Meet the Cave Spider

Surprisingly, not a great kisser

Ah, digging around in an abandoned mineshaft! What could be better? The fact that I get to go home and do it all over again in Minecraft, I guess. That’s pretty good too.

Except! In Minecraft the Cave Spiders are much bigger and much more poisonous (unless you’re in Australia, I guess, getting bad advice from the malicious pig). I first encountered the cave spider when, through sheer courage and incredible smarts, I had thwarted a creeper from popping in my face... by blocking myself into a small hole with dirt blocks.

To be sure I knew where my foe was, I’d left myself a 1x1 block hole to peep out of. I had my soft, delicate, perfectly nice face very close to this hole when a Cave Spider lunged out of nowhere and spat in it. Ewwwwwww!

I was distraught. I was poisoned. But that wasn’t so bad, because I was also already dead. Cave spiders have a mean 4x right hook.

A smaller version of the regular Minecraft spider, these little guys are nippy, in terms of both speed and biting. They’re also perfectly adapted to squeezing through small spaces, like the ones found in their native habitat of abandoned mines. Who knew? Well, obviously, this guy:

At the time, we were thinking about adding the potion effects and I wanted to make a poisonous spider. Instead of adding poison to the traditional spider, we decided to make a new one. It was added when we added mineshafts, and while the normal spider is larger than one block in width, the Cave Spider is smaller, so it can get through smaller areas. It also has a slightly different texture. Jens Bergensten

Another fun fact about the Cave Spider? Its shadow is the same size as that of a regular spider, so even if it isn’t crawling into your only hiding place, it is still absolutely terrifying regardless. How terrifying? I WROTE THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE SCREAMING. TRUE STORY.

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Emily Richardson

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