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Marketplace Summer Sale

Up to 75% off in the Minecraft Marketplace!

Summer, a time of sunny days and long, warm nights. Boo, I say! Outside is overrated and full of bugs. The only bugs I want are the kind that my beloved Mojang programmers can fix. If you’re like me and prefer to avoid the sun’s angry gaze, welcome to a little club called Minecraft Marketplace Summer Sale Hype Team 2019! 

Keep your eyes carefully trained on your screens between July 3 and 8, because we’ll be announcing new and exciting discounts for the eagle-eyed shopper. Yes, we’ll have up to 75% off on everything from worlds to skins and texture packs and back again! There'll be new items on sale every day and the easiest way to take advantage of them all is to follow us on Twitter or head straight to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Plus! To celebrate this most summery of sales, you’ll find some free content in the Minecraft Marketplace. Download the completely free skin pack Summer Beach Party in the Minecraft Marketplace!

Early bird gets the worm, but summer sale shoppers get the best deals on Marketplace items while avoiding real life worms which are super gross. Everybody wins!

Written By
Kelsey Howard