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Marketplace holiday mega-update!

All the festive fun coming to Marketplace over the hols

The holidays are so, so close - I can almost taste the indigestion from the multi-day eating marathon that will soon begin. Mmm-mmm. But bellies won’t be the only thing stuffed to bursting this festive season: Marketplace is getting properly plumped up on fresh community content, too, and unlike a seven kilo slice of Granny’s plum pudding, it won’t put you straight into a coma.

In fact, some of this stuff is ALREADY AVAILABLE! Last Friday we put up a whole bunch of good stuff onto Marketplace, and this Thursday we’ll be doing the same. You'll be able to find it all by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine. For legacy console edition players, however, you’ll be able to get one particular treat a little early: the Norse Mythology Mash-Up pack arrives today! Behold it in its Scandinavian splendour!

Are you heroic enough to enter the Great Hall, Valhalla? Compose your own grand saga as you voyage through the 9 realms of this exquisitely crafted world, from the treetops of Yggdrasil, down into the mines of Svartalfheim and the depths of Hel! The third episode in the mythology series, this pack has hand-carved textures, a thunderous soundtrack and a horde of skins.

Have a look at said skins below!

“Skål!” as my Swedish co-workers say, before drinking deep from the skulls of their enemies / coffee mugs.

Legacy players can get the pack here. The Mash-Up will come to the new versions of Minecraft for console, mobile and Windows 10 on Thursday (when you'll be able to click this link to find it). But what else will you find on Marketplace upon that day? Let me tell you!

Merry Wintercraft Festival

by Razzleberries

A small village nestled on an island is putting together a winter festival! Enjoy 5 mini games. Ice skate while enjoying some eggnog or participate in a snowball fight against animated snowmen! And don't miss the grand firework finale! Find Merry Wintercraft Festival on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Ultimate Pig Race

by Everbloom Studios

Santa needs help from his magical pigs to deliver presents! Race against the clock or play with up to 9 of your friends! 12 unique and challenging tracks to play (6 singleplayer, 6 multiplayer), three types of adorable pigs, and awesome powerups! Find Ultimate Pig Race on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

A Pirate's Christmas

by Noxcrew

A musical adventure! Ol' Big Nose has lost his band before the big Christmas Ball and needs your help! Journey through the island of Chantey Bay, find Big Noses's bandmates, and save the Christmas Ball! Find A Priate's Christmas on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Extreme Snowman Speed Battle

by Jigarbov

Grab your friends, a shovel, and get digging! Frantically dig up all the snow and the first with enough to build their snowman wins. Attack your friends, or maybe steal their snow straight out of their hopper! Includes a time attack for single player. Find Extreme Snowman Speed Battle on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Santa's Sleigh Ride

by Polymaps

It's Christmas Eve and some of the biggest cities around the globe are without presents! Take to the skies in Santa's Sleigh, deliver the presents and save Christmas! Find it on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Elf Town

57 Digital

Step into Elf Town where it's Christmas all year round! Explore the town, ride a Husky or Reindeer, help the Elves create presents, defend the town from the Festive Zombies, help Granny bake Gingerbread Men and much more! Solo and multiplayer! Find Elf Town on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Present Run

by Blockception

Race your friends to the end of the level while trading items and throwing snowballs to receive the rare netherstar. The first team to place the nether star in the chest wins. Find Present Run on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Ice Age: Holiday Edition

by Visula

Take a stroll through a winter wonderland with this festive frozen texture pack! Find Ice Age: Holiday Edition on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Snowball Fight

by Pathway Studios

Grab your coat, quick! Winter is finally here, and the weather is perfect for a snowball fight with your friends. Pelt your pals with six unique snowball types in three neighborhoods and be the last player standing! Find Snowball Fight on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Pumpkins and Pies

by Pathway Studios

Battle magical beasts and evil spirits as you try to save the residents of Christmas Canyon from the wrath of the Pumpkin King! As the Pumpkin-bearer you must deliver the sacred pumpkin to the Pumpkin King, or Christmas shall never come again! Find Pumpkins and Pies on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

My Snowy Journey

by Toya

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was an incredibly high mountain. Many have tried to reach it’s peak, but only a few succeeded. Are you one of them? Find My Snowy Journey on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Elf Patrol

by Noxcrew

Shrink down to the size of a mouse and join the Elf Patrol on a spy adventure! A Rogue agent is putting the Anderson's Christmas in jeopardy. Are you the Elf Patrol agent that can stop him? Find Elf Patrol on Marketplace here.

Dragon Hero

by PixelHeads

Do you have what it takes to be a Dragon Hero? As a town gets attacked by a dragon, you help the villagers. But that’s just the beginning. Face wizards and orcs, ally with elves and dwarves, and even tame and ride a dragon to defeat three epic bosses! Find Dragon Hero on Marketplace here.


by Pathway Studios

Dive into the night, far under the neon stars, where the music never stops. Take a shadowy flight into the Retrowave Skin Pack to satiate your nostalgia for 80s action flicks, sci-fi, and neon colors and show up to your next cyborg battle in style. Find Retrowave on Marketplace here.

Ghost Hunters

by PixelSquared

The shifting shadows down near the graveyard have gotten restless, gloomy figures have been wandering the village, shrieks have been heard from the abandoned mine... its time to suit up as the Ghost Hunters with this community made pack! Find Ghost Hunters on Marketplace here

Festive Foodies

by 57Digital

Are you feeling hungry? Good! Because Foodies are back and they're feeling festive for the holidays. Play as a Gingerbread Man, Christmas Ham, Turkey, Nut Roast & more! Find Festive Foodies on Marketplace here.

Winter Warriors

by PixelSquared

The Ice Witch is marching on the holidays! Suit up as a noble Holly and Evergreen Knights or a cute but valiant Teddy Bear to defend the festivities (and more importantly the gifts) with this wintery themed community made skin pack! Find Winter Warriors on Marketplace here.

Abstraction: GIFTS

by Jigarbov

Featuring a gigantic tree the entire world height tall and huge gifts with unknown surprises inside. Survive on this enormous and dangerous tree and open all the gifts to complete the color monument. Bring your friends for an awesome time together. Find Abstraction: GIFTS on Marketplace here.

Christmas at Trafalgar

by Shapescape

Come and experience the Christmas atmosphere on and around the famous Trafalgar Square in London! Celebrate Christmas with your friends as you explore the site and compare how well you know the square and all of its details! Find Christmas at Trafalgar on Marketplace here.

Foxfang Ridge

by Imagiverse

Explore and tame the wilderness of Foxfang Ridge! Discover new species and make them your own as you build within this fully customized world. Bring your friends and discover all there is to this massive continent! Find Foxfang Ridge on Marketplace here.

Health Foodies

by 57Digital

Too much Turkey? Yeah, us too. Kick start your year with a Health Foodie! Choose from many healthy foods including Avocado, Banana, Sweet Potato & more. Yum! Find Health Foodies on Marketplace here.

Farming Valley

by Norvale

Explore the valley, or gather carrots, potatoes and other green treasures from the fields of Farming Valley. Seek shelter in the village or start your journey. It is all up to you! Find Farming Valley on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

The Lifeboat Crew

by Lifeboat

There is no better way to be part of the Lifeboat Crew than to dress the part! This nautical bunch includes notable characters such as Ensign Claye and his sidekick Fishwarrior, and host of other maritime favorites. Find The Lifeboat Crew on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Super Hero

by PixelHeads

Take the role as a Super Hero with this skin pack and fight for justice in your world! Find Super Hero on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

World of Horses

by Noxcrew

Grab your saddle, pick your steed, and ride off into the countryside! This vast world is yours to explore, with stables, obstacle courses, and scenic vistas to find. Where will you choose to adventure? Find World of Horses on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Ancient Warriors

by PixelHeads

Conquer new worlds as a Roman gladiator, dark knight or a Viking. Battle the unknown as a Samurai, Spartan or Egyptian warrior. Fight on with this skin pack! Find Ancient Warriors on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

The TNT Game

by Team Wooloo

Do you like TNT? This is the map for you! In the TNT Game your job is to blow up every. single. block. You can play both alone or with your friends/family! Each level comes in 3 difficulties, making it fun for everyone from beginners to TNT MASTERS! Find the TNT Game on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

Find the Button

by Razzleberries

Discover an incredible map with 15 unique levels. Find the hidden buttons across awesome landscapes. The map has 3 boss levels and over 1h30min of gameplay. It also has a tip mechanic so you don't get bored while you're stuck on a level! Find the Button will be on Marketplace from this Thursday here.

On Thursday we’ll also be launching the 12 Days of Minecraft - a chance for you to snag tasty community-made treats from the Marketplace - for FREE! What could it be?

You'll have to come back on Thursday to find out...

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