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Marketplace gets Monster Battles and more

Icebound subs and colossal craters found in latest release

We’re launching several new maps on Minecraft’s swanky new Marketplace today - two survival spawns and two adventure maps - all made by the creative geniuses from our own community. You can browse them (and a tonne of other great community-made marvellousness) over on the Marketplace itself by clicking this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

Or scroll below for a quick overview!

Monster Battle Arena

by Jigarbov

Who would win in a fight between an army of zombies and zombie pigmen? Or spiders and witches? Finally these questions can be answered as you prep all manner of mobs for an almighty arena-based throwdown. Watch from afar as the armies collide, or jump into the fray yourself, or with friends, to take on wave after wave of monsters! Click here to check it out in-game!

Stranded Sub

by Imagiverse

With your deep-sea ship smashed right into an iceflow, you must choose: turn your sabotaged sub into a permanent home, and hope you can survive with the scant resources within, or venture into the icy wastes and seek shelter elsewhere. Hop over to the in-game Marketplace to have a look at this tricky survival spawn!

The Crater

by Blockception

Life flourishes in the most unusual of locations - but will you? A vast crater is the setting of this survival spawn - presumably the result of a devastating meteorite impact. But after the carnage, nature returned, and people too, staking a small settlement right in the crater’s eye, turning this remnant of destruction into an idyllic spawn. Check it out on Marketplace itself through this link.

Dinosaur Island

by PixelHeads

Run from raptors, tame tricerotops and raid ruins as you investigate the intrigues of a mysterious island, overrun by prehistoric beasts. Will you survive the dinos that lurk within the deep jungle or the terrors of the temple complex? Will you unlock the secrets of the science base? Will you maybe suggest to the scientists to stop bringing gigantic man-eating beasts back to life for no obvious reason? Find out - and find it on Marketplace.

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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