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Marketplace gets Infinity Dungeon, skins and steampunk!

Randomised challenges and skins aplenty in the latest Pocket and Win 10 update

A healthy slew of new skins is arriving on Marketplace today. Four packs of them, in fact! It’s really quite a range, from post-apocalyptic survival experts, medieval peasantfolk to beach bums and athletes of every kind. You can find them all by going directly to Marketplace through this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine.

But even if you’re already comfortable in your own skin, there’s something else that might perk your interest: the ever-changing, reconfiguring, randomised deathtrap that is INFINITY DUNGEON EX! It’s a new version of a legendary map by the equally legendary Jigarbov, and it generates a new dungeon every time it’s played from a dizzying array of modules, each containing a different challenge. Parkour, combat, logic puzzles await within, as you hunt the items within its labyrinth, feed them to the Infinity Core and, hopefully, escape!

It’s been a much loved map on Java Edition, but it’s been updated for its Marketplace debut with new room designs, new puzzles, tools and mobs, and a brand new procedurally generated underground section with additional challenges and traps. Plus, you can play it on your phone! Convenient.

Have a looksie yourself!

Here’s a quick glimpse of all the skins, too:

Summer Festival Skin Pack

by Noxcrew

Ideal for use with Noxcrew’s Summer Mini Games Festival, or any sunny, sandy, summery map. Whether you want to slip into some swimwear, try out life as a turtle, or fit on a mermaid flipper, these seasonal skins will give you a way to show off your beach body.

Survivors Skin Pack

by Eneija

Oh dear. Everything’s gone to pieces, and civilization is no more than a smoking, charred memory. But tenacious sorts can still survive among its ruins - why not be one of them? Dress the part with these hardy survivalist skins!

Kings & Paupers

by Razzleberry Fox

From the heights of the castle down to the streets of the city, this pack will immerse you in the European medieval era. Beg for your bread or bake it yourself, wield the king’s justice as a fearsome executioner or simply prat about as a jester. So many choices!


by Razzleberry Fox

There are 15 different sporting professions crammed into this pack: figure skaters, hockey players, volleyballers, fencers, footballers, gymnasts and more. Celebrate your Olympic feats in style!

And that’s not all!

Tomorrow, we'll also be bringing the console classic Steampunk Texture pack over to mobile and Win 10 devices. Build massive airships and shiny steam trains in all their ahistorical pseudo-Victorian glory!

We also snuck in a substantial update to PureBDcraft, bringing updated textures and items, and a smattering of bug fixes and tweaks. The skin picker is now more efficient than ever! Tripwires display correctly! Weird stuff won’t happen to your clock or compass textures any more! Hooray!

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