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Discover Minecraft Marketplace fan favorites from Year 4!

Marketplace Fan Favorites: Year 4

Unearthing some of the gems from year four

The penultimate week of the Minecraft Marketplace 5 Year Celebration is upon us, but don’t fear! There is still plenty of time to unpack all of the fun stuff we have in store for you today. 

The fourth year includes the year 2020, the start to a very strange time and not only because yours truly strolled into Mojang Studio’s offices in January. But let’s not dwell on real world happenings when 2020 also brought us a fiery new dimension in The Nether Update and an entirely new game with the launch of Minecraft Dungeons! Our amazing community creators managed to bring us even more content in a time where we needed it a little more than usual. 

My Life in Sakura Shores

By Imagiverse

Imagiverse were one of the first teams to create content for Minecraft Marketplace, and they have been living up to the very high standard that they set from the start. We sat down with Clint Ferguson from Imagiverse who told us a little about the start of this team’s journey: 

"Ever since I started playing Minecraft, I have wanted to create experiences for others. I wanted there to be a purpose behind what I was building, and I had tons of ideas for stories I wanted to tell. It’s been eight years since those early days, with five of those being in the Marketplace. Along the way, I met amazing people who shared my desire to create beautiful and exciting worlds, and we started working together. As a team, it felt like we could create anything our imaginations could dream up. Once the Marketplace opened, we saw an excellent opportunity to share our creations with more players and to be able to support ourselves in creating the things we love. It was an easy choice to join, and Imagiverse was born. "

The team are known for the detailed worlds they create, and “My Life in Sakura Shores” is no exception. This anime-inspired map is filled with mini-games, role-playing, shops, characters, surprises, and a total cuteness overload. Clint shared an anecdote with us about why all those small details are worth it in the end:

"I am constantly impressed by the passion and attention the players give our worlds. It is encouraging to see players enjoy and care about what we make, from finding hidden details to breaking them down to engineer how they work. One of the most remarkable examples of this was at Minefaire Chicago in 2018. A fan had played our Relics of the Skies map, which included many obscure characters. They came up to me and asked if [the character] Skye Bellweather could be found anywhere on the map. The question surprised me as she was referenced only in a few ways in the world's lore, and I was not expecting players to notice or care about her. The fact that I was being asked about a specific small detail in one of our worlds was mind-blowing and is one of my favorite moments of making maps."

Clint from Imagiverse

Who doesn’t love some good lore? That’s why I have hidden secret reveals about our lore in every article I pen.*   


Original One Block Challenge

By Lifeboat

The community creators that make up Lifeboat are a prolific bunch, but they took skyblocks to a new extreme with “Original One Block Challenge”. If you want a new type of block, you’re going to have the break the one you have until you find one you want to build with. And with two different game modes, this is a map that you can lose yourself in for hours and hours on end.  

Rein Teder from Lifeboat was kind enough to give us a little insight into the process that goes into not just Original One Block Challenge, but all their maps: 

"Our map “Washington DC” came about because I had gone on a school trip there with my daughter, and wanted to recreate the experience. This was a community made map, and many of the young adults that made it had been to DC as well, and they really had fun making the map. For me, inspiration always comes from stuff outside of other computer games, such as real life or media. “Stonks” because a meme awhile back, and a map for us. My kids sometimes use the phrase “Opposite Day” to mean just about any contradiction, so it became a Minecraft map."


Craftable Dragons

By Lifeboat

When they aren’t taking skyblocks to new heights, Lifeboat are adding a new dimension to the already exciting world of dragon taming. In “Craftable Dragons”, you need to craft your own dragon eggs that you then hatch into eight different types of dragons. Rein told us that “In Minecraft, the Ender Dragon egg proves you persevered and defeated the Ender Dragon, and that’s the end of the challenge.  We extended the game a bit by allow you hatch it.  But we don’t make it easy!” 

Dragons were a very hot commodity in 2020, and not just because of the actual fire that they breath on a regular basis. They are just awesome creatures! Don’t believe me? Then check out Advanced Dragons 2 by Pixelbiester and Ultimate Dragons by Gamemode One and prepare yourself to become an instant fan of these noble beasts.


PrestonPlayz Hide and Seek

By Meatball Inc

Some creators have been around since the early days of Minecraft, like Meatball Inc. These creative veterans joined us for a look back at their long, blocky history: “Since 2012, we have made maps for servers and videos. We always dreamt of being able to contribute to the actual game with new mobs, gadgets, decorations, and more. Being a Marketplace creator gave us the ability to pour our creativity directly into Minecraft!” 

Their take on the classic game doesn’t only raise the stakes, but also adds bespoke currency and merch! Find all the best hiding spots in three enormous maps together with your friends or on your own. There’s even some parkour for all the thrill seekers out there! We asked the creators at Meatball Inc for some advice on how to play:

PrestonPlayz Hide and Seek was inspired by the years of Preston’s videos with his friends. You’ll be entering Preston’s world with super secret spots to hide. If you’re playing alone, you’ll need to be aware of Preston’s skilled seekers! Try to run the time out to win! 


Blocks of Inspiration

From this week’s creators

The start of the new decade brought so much fun, innovative, and creative content! From creating our own dragon eggs, to extreme hiding, unique skyblocks, and calm, sandy shores. A veritable smorgasboard of maps, but before you grab a plate and dive in, let’s check in with our community creators for some final words of wisdom.

Rein Teder from Lifeboat shares some sound advice: “Make a quality checklist, and use it to make sure you don’t submit a map with floating trees.” 

In the same vein, Meatball Inc urge creators to learn from their mistakes: “Always make backups! We had been working on a lot of final edits to a map, without making a backup. After setting up TNT displays in the spawn (that were still configured to explode), a creeper caused a chain reaction of explosions! This set us back a few days, but most importantly reminded us of the urgency to make backups.”

Finally, Clint Ferguson at Imagiverse leaves us with this:

“Many people get hung up on having a perfect idea or making their projects the best thing they have ever seen. But the real value in making things for others is releasing them to gain experience from trial and error, because the feedback from your players will help you improve.  Many people think it's hard to start making maps. To overcome this, my friend Recabilly and I made a concept of “60 Minute Maps”. The 60-minute time limit is to help people remove the barriers that prevent them from creating. Take a random word, like firetruck, and build a small map idea based around it. Maybe you have to put out fires in a villager town to win, or you have to drive across a challenging landscape to a house on fire. After 60 minutes is up, hopefully, you have a working idea. But don't worry if it didn't turn out the way you wanted, you can keep refining your idea, or try again. With time you can tackle larger projects but when you're feeling overwhelmed, remember that things are made one action or block at a time!”

Clint Ferguson at Imagiverse

This advice is great, but now I can’t decide if I should start making my own map or dive into some of the fan favorites. While I make up my mind, head over to Minecraft Marketplace to join the celebration!


* Not Minecraft lore, mind you – the lore of me!

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