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Marketplace Year Two: A year when cities were built and dinosaurs were tamed!

Marketplace Fan Favorites: Year 2

When cities were built and dinosaurs were tamed!

Welcome back, intrepid explorer, to our Marketplace time machine! To celebrate 5 years of Minecraft Marketplace, each week we’re hopping back in time and highlighting some of the most popular content from the Marketplace archives. You might’ve played some of these trend-setting adventures, or you might’ve missed them, but I promise you, these five weeks are going to be a journey you’ll want to join. If you missed the first installment, you can jump back here. Otherwise follow me, friend! We’re off to June 2018!

Ah, 2018. When the majestic sea turtle first swam the Overworld seas, and the phantom screeched its first warning at sleep-avoidant players. That year was also the second year of Minecraft Marketplace, and saw some spectacular content, from Advanced Farming to Party Islands, Pet Shops to Millionaire Mansions, all from independent, innovative creators! Let’s dive in, shall we?

City Mash-Up

Everbloom Games’ city is stuffed with secrets


Back when the Overworld was just 256 blocks high, Everbloom Games decide to quite literally scrape the sky with their creation: City Mash-Up! Four years later this is still one of the most sprawling and detailed cities you can explore in the Overworld, with over a thousand hand-detailed rooms, more than 150 places to explore and endless possibilities when it comes to role-playing. When I asked the lovely folks at Everbloom Games what their favorite part of this expansive adventure was, they said:

“We’ve filled this map to the brim with awesome easter eggs, secrets, and minigames! You can explore the fictional Everbloom offices, and get to know all the people that worked with us at the time! There’s a functional bowling minigame that we spent a little too much time creating. There are stories and secrets to discover around every corner so really make sure to explore every room! The texture pack has tons of blocks that you can use creatively to make furniture in, and you can even use it in your own worlds!”

Noted, guys. I think it might be time I redecorated that castle of mine. Perhaps I’ll even dive into some furniture packs from Shapescape and Spark Universe and give the throne room some extra sparkle!



Team Vaeron creates a pre-historic world 

Last week, we looked at a dinosaur-filled island. This week, we’re looking at the majestic creatures themselves, in DINOSAURS by Team Vaeron. This epic adventure takes you back to a time when caves were considered cozy homes, and cute, blocky dinosaurs roamed the planet. Explore an overgrown Overworld as you track down six rideable dinosaurs, marvel at great herds of diplodocus and even swim in prehistoric oceans! My favorite thing about this map (unsurprisingly) is the dinosaurs themselves. They’re all so cute that they can’t possibly be dangerous! Right? Rafael from Team Vaeron says: “Our “Dinosaurs” world allows you to dive into a beautiful, truly impressive environment. You can tame the dinosaurs and form bonds with them, but be warned! They may not alway be friendly...”

Ah. That would explain why the T-Rex seems to be chasing me. But wait, I just want to be friends! Perhaps the ocelots in PixelHead’s Wildlife: Jungle will be less bitey? Or perhaps I should just stick to Dogs…?


Lucky Block Race

Volcano’s speedy twist on a classic 

Now that I’m a sprinting pro, I challenge you to beat me at Lucky Block Race, one of the speediest Lucky Block adventures on the Minecraft Marketplace! Released in 2018 by Volcano, grab your friends and speed through a range of challenging courses, breaking blocks and hoping your luck doesn’t run out! This crazy racecourse has a tonne of hidden gems to discover (and a few traps, as well), so I asked Volcano founder Space for some tips:

“Lucky Block Race features a single player mode, but it is intended to play with friends, so invite them all! And may the luckiest of you all win!”


Blocks of Inspiration 

From this week’s creators:

One theme this week is how young some Marketplace creators began to build their ideas. Space (iSpace202) from Volcano started when he was just twelve years old, and Rafael from Team Vaeron was fourteen. Whether you’re considering building your own adventures, or you simply want some insider tips before you tackle Marketplace Creator Tycoon, here’s what they had to say:

I've been making Minecraft maps since I was 12, my English wasn't good, and I only knew how to use basic commands like /tp and /give, but I still loved doing it. I worked with i1LAVA doing a few maps, and we just clicked. He was a fantastic builder, and I was getting better and better with command blocks. So in 2018, we started working with Pathway Studios and making Minecraft maps in Bedrock. We loved the new sense of challenge and tried to utilize the unique engine. It's been amazing seeing this game evolve and provide more and more tools for us as creators to play with!

[My advice for budding creators is] honestly, just have fun! It can be intimidating at first, but take it one thing at a time. It's always exciting for me to learn new tools to make better maps, but no one can ever master it all at once. It's a long process but one that's 100% fulfilling and fun.  Last February, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary as part of the Minecraft Partner program, and we can't wait for what's next!


Rafael from Team Vaeron: "I started creating in Minecraft in 2013, when I was just 14 years old. It started out as a hobby, and the older I was getting the more I was realising that I might be able to turn this into a career. When the Marketplace was announced, it was very clear to me that was a great opportunity and I instantly started working towards being a part of it! My advice is: create the content that you enjoy making, and make it as fun as you can to play. The best thing about content creation in Minecraft is knowing that what you are making is bringing happiness to other people, all around the world, every day."

Join us next week for more time travel as we venture to June 2019 and take a look at some magical additions to Marketplace that spelled out all new trends, alongside bringing you more discounts and some insider tips. See you there, friends!

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