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Screenshot of a blocky sunset over the mangrove swamp biome

Mangrove Restoration

Giving Mangroves the respect they deserve

Depending on where you live in the world, you might not be familiar with mangroves and their impact on the environment. Mangroves are shrubs or trees that can thrive in places that other plants can’t handle, like coastlines and tidal rivers. 


Mangroves pull more carbon dioxide than almost any other tree in the world and store it in the ground thanks to specialized root systems. They also protect us from effects of climate change like flooding and storms and protect the oceans from run off and pollution.

We are always evolving the world of Minecraft with new features and biomes, and mangroves gave us an excellent opportunity to educate and make our wilderness even more exciting to explore. As part of the Wild Update in 2022, mangrove swamps became a great hiding place for both players and animals with many hidden things to uncover, just like in real life!

We also collaborated with Everbloom Games to release a free DLC map – Rooted Together - that teaches people about the importance of these incredible plants through some fun mini-games, and donated over $227,000 to The Nature Conservancy to help them continue their amazing work to protect mangroves around the world.

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