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An image of Zuri standing on top of a pile made of blocks from the Tricky Trials Update (variations of copper and tuff)
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Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

Making art with the Tricky Trials blocks

A (con) artist’s take on redecorating classic Minecraft structures

A screenshot of a tree on a hill with the coean in the background. The tree's leaves have been replaced with copper grate blocks.
A screenshot of a huge mushroom, but its cap has been replaced with chiseled copper and copper bulb blocks.
A screenshot of a Nether portal, except instead of obsidian it's made from aged chiseled copper blocks, with tuff brick stairs leading up to it. Instead of the purple glow of a real portal, between the copper blocks there are purple glass blocks to mimic the portal's effect.
A screenshot of an iron golem inside an illager cage, except the cage is made of tuff bricks and copper grates.
A screenshot of an abandoned village church but itäs made out of a variety of tuff blocks.
A screenshot of a desert village house made out of 3 units. The original blocks have been replaced with a variety of tuff and copper blocks.
A screenshot of a bridge leading to a bastion remnant that's been filled inw ith copper grates.

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