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Displaying three Mob hats

Magnificent mob hats now on sale!

Cap off your look with our mob-themed headgear!

It’s getting pretty chilly outside. The wind howls! The rain lashes! No doubt, the snows are soon to follow. We've already had a taste of what winter can do here in Sweden - as you might have noticed from Shoghi's twitter feed!


Changes in 19w11a

  • Lots of accessibility improvements!

  • Added a new "Globe" banner pattern and item (Currently only accessible from commands or the creative inventory)

  • Trading changes

  • Added recipe for smithing and fletching table

  • TNT and TNT minecart explosions now have 100% drop rate

  • Villager changes


  • There's a new Accessibility menu which provides a useful place for all of our accessibility features to be toggled

  • When the narrator is turned on, buttons will be narrated on focus

  • Most screens allow tab and shift+tab navigation through buttons, edit boxes and other UI elements

  • Most lists allow up/down arrow keys to navigate through them

  • We've added a new option for turning up the background of all transparent text elements, which should help make them more readable for some people

Smithing Table and Fletching Table

  • Smithing table is crafted with 4 planks + 2 iron ingots

  • Fletching table is crafted with 4 planks + 2 flint

  • Villagers use them as a work site

  • We've decided not to add the functionality for these blocks for this update as we want to make sure that they're useful for the overall gameplay. We think we have a great use for them with the next major themed update

Trading changes

  • Lots of new trades have been added

  • Villagers now level up in a new way

  • The trading UI is updated (WIP)

  • The trading prices now depend on your reputation and on demand

  • The villagers will restock up to two times per day (if they can work at their work station!)

  • Added visual trading; villagers will display the item they want to trade for your in-hand item

Villager changes

  • Villagers now have a daily schedule. They will for example go to work and meet up at the village bell

  • Each villager will try to find their own bed and work station

  • Each profession has a specific block that works as a work station for them (e.g. lectern for the librarian and cauldron for the leatherworker)

  • Village detection is now based on beds, job sites and meeting points instead of doors

  • Iron golems will spawn when enough villagers meet

Fixed bugs in 19w11a

  • MC-112 - Blocks/entities above beds push players out of bed

  • MC-926 - When sleeping on a bed, particle effects are slanted or don't appear at all

  • MC-2376 - Wolves shaking fur dry while dying

  • MC-13497 - Wither skeletons and zombie pigmen won't go through lava to get to enemies, even though they can't burn

  • MC-30845 - Camera is glitching through tall grass, sea grass, and kelp in F5 (third-person) mode

  • MC-44471 - Difficulty lock appears to be unlocked if switching dimensions

  • MC-60772 - Draw order of translucent blocks based on head position (not POV)

  • MC-63070 - Chunks do not render behind the player in F5. Perhaps culling should calculate from camera POV instead of presuming head position.

  • MC-71256 - Endermen immediately start moving after being looked at instead of freezing and staring back at you

  • MC-76416 - Player can interact with dying mobs

  • MC-80658 - Note blocks: Gray color for certain music notes

  • MC-96932 - Minecart and boat shadows are too small

  • MC-99255 - Mobs killed by dogs give wrong loot tables

  • MC-102514 - Moon has orange light

  • MC-105099 - Slimes & Magma Cubes can still attack players when they are in their death animation

  • MC-109954 - Saddled pigs / horses still move when in the

Luckily, we’ve updated our merch store with new bits of headwear to keep your precious pate protected from the elements. Each of the designs is themed around a mob, some ferocious, some friendly. Many come with adjustable straps at the back to ensure that these fine items fit heads of many sizes!

Have a look below and see if there's anything you fancy! And don't forget: there’s even more cool stuff on our merch store. Go check it out!

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