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Magnificent Mansion

Paulzero shows us around his latest Victorian Villa!

If you’re trying to read this but are getting distracted by a loud wistful sighing noise, then I apologise. It’s probably just me admiring the latest build from Paulzero, a beautiful Victorian Chateau that I really wished I lived in. It looks a treat from the outside, is equally beautiful on the inside, and I can just imagine sipping hot chocolate next to that roaring fire, looking out at that gorgeous garden...

Anyway, back to writing this article in the expired mayonnaise factory where I actually live. Sigh.

Paulzero drew on many inspirations to create his unique chateau, including the “French castles of the Loire valley, some German mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the typical Victorian style,” he tells me.

That’s a lot of research, but Paulzero believes this is an important part of his process. “For every project I try to gather as many images of real buildings as possible and then assess what different parts can be used,” he explains. “The most creative part is to combine them into one build.” But he also likes to add his own twists so that each building is truly his own.

“My intention is not to carbon copy something, but to evolve a concept or a pre-existing building.”

Paulzero has signature features that are consistent through all of his manor builds, such as the vast amount of details and the broad windows. “Plus, I always add new things.” In this building, that’s the front garden, filled with sculpted pathways, stone gazebos, and plenty of flowers in bloom!

“Since this mansion is rather elongated, it had to be balanced with a front garden that creates more space for the viewer,” Paulzero explains. A clever technique to make the whole build look more even, but I also think it creates an interesting spectrum, as the man-made parts gradually fade out into a fully natural area of trees and grass.

However, this glorious home started as quite a different concept. “One of my subscribers on Planet Minecraft requested that I build a horror mansion,” Paulzero says, but he wasn’t happy with how it turned out. “So I decided to give it a makeover from the top to the very bottom.”

Reworking his mansion included changing the dark wood panels to sandstone and making the whole thing bigger. “I added more segments, turrets, and even a tower,” he explains. “Plus, the garden played a vital role in balancing out all of the colours.”

Still, if you wait around until it gets dark you might get a feel for the building’s history. “At night or when playing with some specific texture packs one gets the feeling of its original purpose of being a horror mansion,” Paulzero says. On second thought, maybe I’m not so keen on living here after all…

Ah but inside, though, it’s not so creepy. One of Paulzero’s favourite details is the fireplace (it’s one of mine too!), because it gives a “warm feeling” to the interior. Just as well – there’s no central heating to be found in buildings this old. Brrr!

You might recognise Paulzero’s work from an earlier article right here on, and he has plenty of plans for the future, too. “I want to build some more Victorian buildings like a proper town hall, a shopping mall and someday a church,” he says. “But the next big project will be the publication of my medieval city project that I started a few years ago.”

And finally, Paulzero is also part of the Æonis build team, which is working to create a whole fictional world based on the 18th century. “That will take a lot of time to be completed,” he says.

A busy man – hopefully he can still find some time to rest by the fireplace in his glorious mansion! But if you can’t find the time, Paulzero, fancy giving the keys to me?

Trees by Plutouthere

Jay Castello
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Jay Castello

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