Lunatique’s Astronaut

Go above and beyond with this stellar skin

We’ve been keeping an eye on Lunatique’s skins for a while - lots of good ideas, interesting colour choices and inventive use of the armour layers make them really stick out from the crowd.

This Futuristic Astronaut is one of my favourites - particularly the glass bowl of the helmet. It’s really impressive to take a game as blocky as Minecraft and make a texture that gives such a strong impression of being spherical. But enough of my wittering - what does Mojang’s Master of Pixelart, Johan Aronsson, think of the design?

It's always great to see things like this coming out of the community. The combination of well crafted pixel art, smart use of the two layers available and a knack for how to combine colours that you wouldn't usually think can go together makes Luna's creations a joy to gape at! Johan Aronsson

You can get the skin by clicking below! (It'll probably open in your browser and have a funny long name - we're still tweaking our website's file download feature. But you'll cope! I believe in you!)

Written By
Marsh Davies