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Dragon content for Lunar New Year at Minecraft Marketplace

Lunar New Year has arrived

Celebrate with a free map and heaps of fire-breathing content!

Fireworks at the ready! On February 10, it’s time to ring in the Lunar New Year and officially enter the Year of the Dragon. In the red envelope from Minecraft Marketplace, you’ll find plenty of Lunar New Year-themed content as well as a free map* based on ancient Chinese legends. Between February 8-15, we’ll soar into the mythical worlds of these mighty creatures to unleash our creativity, conquer challenges, and set out on daring adventures full of mystery.

Normally, I’d wish you good luck here, but with all these dragons in tow, you’ll hardly need it!

FREE MAP: Monkey King & Mythic Beasts*

by Next Studio

In this free adventure map inspired by ancient Chinese legends, you explore a world where ancient mythical beings engage in an age-old feud. As Sun Wukong, the mighty Monkey King, your mission is to defend the world from evil. In a great battle, your number one companion – the fiery-feathered Phoenix – gets injured and needs your help. Join forces to restore its strength and take on an epic journey together across treacherous landscapes. Seek hidden treasures, confront a powerful army, grow strong together, and prove once and for all that good triumphs over evil! 
Download this free map from Minecraft Marketplace now!



Dragons are said to revel in challenges, so safe to say they’ll love our 80+ pieces of content for this year’s Lunar celebration! Why not take on some of them in their honor? You could defend the fortresses of the Hakka people from invaders and monsters, see if you’re worthy of riding the feared dragon of Dragon Valley, or pay a visit to the Gyeongbokgung palace decorated for Lunar New Year. There are also themed skin packs, like the Lunar Festivities pack featuring cheongsam dresses, to bring the celebrations into other Minecraft adventures. Personally, I’m off to uncover some fascinating legends in the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack, so wish me luck!

With that, I hope that the Year of the Dragon and whatever Lunar New Year adventures you take on bring you many moments of strength, good fortune, and adventure.


*All items require the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with access to Minecraft Marketplace (sold separately); offer valid 2/8/24 at 10 a.m. PST until 2/15/24 at 10 a.m. PST. Limit: 1 free map per person/account.

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