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A close up of a llama standing at the top of a cliff. We don't know what it's facing, but it looks peeved.

Lost Legends: The Legend of the Llama

A new monthly challenge, another patch, and fresh creator content!

Being a humanoid hero is great and all, but there are many heroes in the Overworld, some of them more unexpected than others. So it should be a surprise to no-one that llamas are the sassy stars of this month’s Lost Legend: the Legend of the Llama!  

Step into a llama’s hooves and wield its devastating spit attack against the piglins in Minecraft Legends’ latest free challenge. Say goodbye to your faithful mount because now you have four very fast legs of your own – and they’re attached to a vengeful llama! Your goal is to put an end to the piglins’ rampage and destroy their bases within 45 minutes. Succeed and you will receive the exclusive “Honorary” Camelid horse skin! But there’s a big, woolly twist... 

You can’t play a lute with hooves, so you won’t be able to spawn units or build any structures aside from stairs or bridges. Plus, your spit might be very insulting to the piglins, but compared to the hero’s sword it’ll cause rather minor injuries. This means you’ll need to rely on your llama agility and the friends you rescue to save the day!


If that wasn’t enough llama-tastic news, this month brings even more fun! Lost Legends are dev-made challenges that put a twist on Minecraft Legends’ core gameplay, but there’s something very different from our community creators coming your way...


Introducing Myths 


We mentioned Myths when Minecraft Legends first launched, and now the first three are here! Myths are community creator-made paid DLCs you can get on Minecraft Legends Marketplace that fundamentally change the game experience, bringing new gameplay mechanics and stories. This month’s releases are single-player experiences made by community creators House of How! 

Angry Rats by House of How

If you thought the piglins in Minecraft Legends were too cute to fight, then rejoice! The rats in this DLC are dreadful – which is great news, because it’s up to you to stop them in this tower defense game. Use arrows, fire, and even the power of wind to defeat those vicious rats before they reach your base and wreak rodent havoc. Make sure to keep an eye out for resource drops and don’t forget to upgrade your towers!

Magic Carpet by House of How 

This DLC takes the hero on horseback from the Overworld into a fast-paced, side-scrolling 3D platformer! In this challenging game, you need to keep up with a futuristic magic carpet as it advances through the level, while also navigating around various obstacles. Oh, and there’s a fiery wall of death closing in on you, but try not to worry about that... 

Ichorous Grove by House of How


In this epic adventure, the Ichorous Serpent has taken over the once serene Grove, and the animals living there need your help. This DLC features lush environments, adorable animals, challenging enemies, and a final boss that only a true hero like you can face. Are you ready to save the Grove? Make sure you check out the skins included in this DLC as well!


The Minecraft Legends day 60 patch


Don’t forget to keep your game up to date! A new patch is also out, and it brings various improvements and tweaks covering difficulty tuning, animations, Host dialogue frequency, resource entitlement in Act 1, and more.

Can’t wait to tell everyone about your adventures in the new Myths? Want some spitting tips? Head to our Discord to join a lively community of heroes! And as always, keep an eye on @legends_game for news and other cool stuff. Wait, what’s that sound? Oh, it’s the llama life calling to us!

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Cristina Anderca

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