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A close up of a llama standing at the top of a cliff. We don't know what it's facing, but it looks peeved.
Cristina Anderca
Written By
Cristina Anderca

Lost Legends: The Legend of the Llama

A new monthly challenge, another patch, and fresh creator content!

A hero character riding a horde wearing the "Honorary" Camelid skin, which makes the horse look closer to a llama
A hero character on horseback raises their weapon as they face the camera. In the foreground, a horde of rats is facing the hero. There are defensive towers to the hero's sides.
Three cheerful hero characters are in the center of the image. The background is purple and green, depicting a level from Magic Carpet.
The image shows a horde of rat-like creatures holding weapons, which are some of the enemies you will face in Ichorous Grove. To the upper left, there is an image of the exclusive skin that comes with the DLC, the Grove Jackalope mount.
Key art of a llama

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