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This image is a close-up of the Beast, one of the piglin bosses in Minecraft Legends, coming out of a Nether portal

Lost Legends: The Hunting Season

Hunt down the hunter in a new free challenge!

In the last Lost Legend, we galloped around the Overworld as llamas. Now it’s time to step back into the hero’s boots and face another epic threat in Minecraft Legends! In The Hunting Season, you get to face The Beast once again – and it’s on a serious rampage.

In July’s free challenge, your task is to stop this ruthless piglin before all of the five villages are destroyed. All of the allies in Minecraft Legends are at your disposal from the start, but be warned: once a village fountain is destroyed, it can’t be repaired with a carpenter hut. Make sure you gather plenty of resources and build a solid defense, because once a village falls there’s no turning back, and the Beast will move on to the next one!

Defeating the Beast with at least one village fountain left standing will award you the exclusive Piglin Pursuer hero skin, so everyone will know that even the fastest piglin was no match for your hunting prowess!


A new patch is coming!

Later this month we’re also releasing a new patch that makes various changes to the game, including:

  • The hero’s sword can now inflict a small amount of damage on piglin bosses and buildings (except walls and portals) and deals more damage against most piglins

  • Banner View shows health bars for enemy buildings

  • Faster build, deconstruct, gather, and clear netherrack speeds in Campaign mode

  • Optimizations to the flow of Act 1 of the game

  • Player objectives and goals for Act 2

  • UI, HUD and map improvements

  • Mob balance improvements

  • And much more!

The patch will be released about a week after the The Hunting Season, so make sure you keep an eye out for the full patch notes to see all the improvements.

The Hunting Season is the fourth Lost Legend, but the previous three are still available! Each one brings a different challenge and an exclusive reward. Having trouble hunting the Beast? Why not join our Discord and exchange strategies with other brave heroes? Then head on to @legends_game and for news about upcoming content and updates.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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