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Lacoste x Sport dans la Ville Challenge

Turn your Minecraft build into reality!

Aaaah, sports. I have many fond memories of competitive physical activities, most of them stemming from school. Like sitting out gym class because I’m “not feeling well” or stopping for a breather whenever the teacher wasn’t looking. Those were the days! 

Whether you’re like me and watch from the sidelines with a lap full of snacks or like to actually compete, I have an exciting challenge to share with you. Lacoste Foundation and Sport dans la Ville, a youth sports arena that accompanies young people from priority neighborhoods on their way to success, have partnered to create a unique design competition. Using Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, contestants will create tennis court designs, and the winning one will be built IRL! How often do you get the chance to build something in the physical world using only your Minecrafting skills? Don’t tell any architects about this lifehack, they will be sooo maaad. 

Here’s how to enter: 

Step 1: Download the free Croco Island map from Minecraft Marketplace. 

Step 2: Within the Croco Island map, find a Crocodile and click “Build Tennis” to teleport to the tennis court template. 

Step 3: Using only vanilla/non-modded Minecraft blocks (i.e. not using texture packs or custom shaders), show us your creative and original designs in the template. We are looking for designs best representing and fitting the following themes: "Playful, Collective Spirit & Youth" 

Step 4: Make sure your designs don't depict any non-Minecraft brands, logos, or characters. Whenever you build and share in Minecraft, follow our Community Standards. 

Step 5: Take a screenshot of your design and share it on Twitter, tagging @Minecraft and @Lacoste, and using the hashtag: #LACOSTEFOUNDATIONCHALLENGE 

That’s it! Now fire up your game and start building – I’ll start cheering you on after I refill my soda helmet. 

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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