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Lacoste x Minecraft

Sink your teeth into this jaw-dropping apparel collection and DLC

Here’s a fun fact that’s only a bit terrifying: crocodiles have an average of 80 teeth, and they can replace each of them up to 50 times over their lifespan. Not only does this make my dream of becoming a crocodile dentist virtually pointless, but it also makes me wonder what other superpowers these modern dinosaurs have, in case I find myself near one. 

That’s why I’m putting on my reporter hat and heading to Croco Island*! This free map launches today for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to celebrate the new Lacoste x Minecraft apparel collection – more on that later.  

The map features a tennis court, a parkour course, a “fill the gaps” minigame, a scavenger hunt, and most importantly, a giant crocodile that I plan on completely avoiding bravely exploring! There are 30 skins included, so you can look great while practicing your backhand, leaping from platform to platform, or jumping into the gaping mouth of a giant crocodile. Here’s a sneak peek of what Croco Island has to offer: 

If you want to bring some friends along to Croco Island, check out the Galaxite Server on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which features the four activities from the map redesigned for multiplayer. Watch AtomicMari, Shubble, SMajor, and Brawks compete in tennis, parkour, fill-in-the-gaps, and a scavenger hunt around the server as they follow Mr. Croc on a big adventure! You can find the Galaxite server by opening Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, clicking 'Play' and navigating to the 'Servers' tab, or by following this link on mobile or Windows PC and selecting 'Galaxite'. And make sure you check it out soon – the server will only be up for five weeks!

If you’re curious about the collection I so deviously name-dropped then pretended to forget about, then I’m about to croc your world. The Minecraft x Lacoste apparel collection launches March 16 and includes a cool range of activewear, accessories, and footwear. I’m also happy to say that it only features the sewn-on, harmless kind of crocs – I double-checked. All the designs are inspired by the Minecraft aesthetic, and you can mix and match the different items to create perfect comfy everyday outfits. 

You can purchase the collection at or in select retail stores around the world. Will you model the collection in-game or try it on in real life? I’m going to print some life-sized cutouts of the 30 skins and see where that takes me! 


*Requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition game (sold separately) with access to Minecraft Marketplace.  Limit 1 of each item per person/account. Available until December 31, 2022.

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