New on Java Realms: Fighting Words

New on Java Realms: Fighting Words

8 maps to write home about!

Some say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Now, I’m pretty sure this statement was made before the Nether Update, so whether it’s mightier than a Netherite sword is still up for scrutiny – nevertheless it doesn’t hurt to have both! In today’s release we have maps that will help you improve your fighting prowess and dexterity, while I’ll go through some literary techniques that might prove equally useful in a combat situation!



by reking, Slender & PhantomEye 

Alliteration is where you keep using words that begin with the same letter (always awesome and appreciated). Axolotl Adventures is an absorbing affair, where you'll traverse your Overworld as an adorable axolotl! Apply your acute agility ability (as all acrobatic assignments ahead are arduous– and abundant). All ambitious attempts are awarded appropriately!



by sodapoppet, Rabnutt & cheatingconjurer

A tautology is saying the same thing twice, but in a different way. In other words, it’s a meaningless repetition of an already pre-established statement! Tautology fans and Minecraft enjoyers can now meet in the middle, settle their differences and form a unified front with Hidden Hiders, a take on the classic game of hide-and-seek! An abundance of game options, powerups, and weaponry ensures that the playground game of yesterday will appear comparatively tame. The addition of customizable gameplay, items, and the fact that the seeker now has a sword will render regular variant of hide-and-seek unable to compete!



by Jakobrigtrup

If there’s one person who’s a go-to for all your kit needs, Jakob would be the man – doubly so when it comes to PvP! This minigame comes packed with 32 loadouts, giving you a wide range of strategies to establish dominance over your friends. How about the Sharpshooter kit, that gives you a limited supply of arrows that never miss? Maybe you want to use the Jouster kit that gives you a steed and a lance, or perhaps the Sheep kit, that lets you regenerate by eating grass and seems equally powerful? You name it, Jakob’s got it. A non sequitur is a conclusion or inference that doesn’t logically follow what has been previously said!





by Orion Build Collective



by NapkiinsA



by UnityLabs 



by Dxgital, Buiids & Endervillager_ 



by Riten Team 



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