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New furniture, TNT, pets, dragons, and other add-ons available in Minecraft Marketplace

Introducing add-ons

A game-changing Bedrock feature!

Drumroll, please! Today, add-ons* are entering Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the power to alter your worlds as you know them! Available through Minecraft Marketplace, add-ons let you add new blocks, mobs, items, recipes, and other content to both your existing worlds and new ones. Maybe you’re missing a mid-century chair in your otherwise perfect mansion? Or dream of dragons roaming the Overworld? How about both? Add-ons are your way to unlock new designs, adventures, and game mechanics. In other words – a literal game changer! And rumor has it we’re giving several of them away for free...

Change your game, your way

Since we all play Minecraft differently, my dream of exploring the Overworld on a pogo stick might, strangely enough, not be yours. With add-ons, you get to change your game, your way! So whether it’s more cuteness, convenience, creepiness, or chaos you're looking for, you can now add it to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition no matter which device you play on. The best thing is you don’t have to pick because add-ons can be combined! Although, maybe the actual best thing is that you don’t have to be tech savvy to install them – you just download the content from Minecraft Marketplace.

To celebrate this momentous moment, and for you to take these for a test spin yourself, we’re giving away a free collection of add-ons. It’s settled – that is the best of all!

Download your free add-ons

Starting right now, you can download the first of many creator-made add-ons from Minecraft Marketplace. There are plenty of both free and premium ones available already, so let’s dig into what some of them include.

One of my strongest Minecraft memories was the first ever time I spotted a pink sheep. When I say I gasped, I’m not joking. Well, I’m about to gasp again because this add-on has sparkly pink wool! One of over a hundred types of wools you can add to your worlds. Not to mention the vehicwool you can drive around!

Spark pets – free!
By Spark Universe

You will always love your (some might say unnecessarily large, I say reasonably sized) wolf pack, but there’s always room for more pets. Ten different species to be exact! I mean, how could you resist adopting a blocky hedgehog? Or a little capybara? Or why not a guinea pig?! And listen to this – you can even teach them tricks!

Another Furniture – free!
By Starfish Studios

Whilst the No Chair Policy is still very much in place in the Mojang offices, at least add-ons will let me add them into the Overworld. And chairs aren’t the only thing you can add! Another Furniture by Starfish Studios has 20+ furniture and decorations you can add to upgrade your blocky home. Like the couch potato I am, I have my eyes set on the sofas. Ah, sweet respite!

Spark Portals (premium)
By Spark Universe

Tired of dipping in and out of the Nether just to get to places faster? I'm not because I'd rather take the slow Overworld route, but here's great news for both of us: now there's a better way to travel! Portals, in all kinds of colors. Link them up across all far corners of your worlds to travel around faster. No more sore fingers, my friends!

Computers (premium)
By Jigarbov

Apart from looking very cool, these blocky computers let you do cool things! Like sending emails to other players in bases far away, playing hilarious computer games, or tracking monsters. Who doesn’t love playing a video game inside a video game? 

This is one is for the hikers! Or maybe what will finally convert those who hate hiking? Granted, a walking stick looks cool, but do they do anything? If you want to get places quicker, they sure do! Add in a climbing pick to take on any mountain, sleeping bags for camping under the stars, and hand-held lanterns to conquer my fear of darkness and I’m officially a happy camper!

Start customizing your gaming session now

Okay, that was a lot of information and still only a glimpse into all the things you can do with add-ons. If you have any questions, swing by the add-ons help page where you can get all the details about installing and using add-ons. And if you run into any hiccups or have general feedback to share, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Discover all the ways you can switch up your gameplay and craft new experiences with add-ons at Minecraft Marketplace. And don't be afraid to get a little wild, a little quirky, and a whole lot creative – after all, that's what Minecraft and add-ons are all about!


*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with access to Minecraft Marketplace (sold separately).

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