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The Incredibles Skin Pack out now!

A stunning selection of superpowered skins!

Incredible news! We've collaborated with Disney and Pixar to create a superb superhero skin pack. Featuring skins from both the original movie and it's new sequel, now you can play Minecraft as Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Violet!

But if you're feeling more evil than those do-gooders, play as villains like the sinister Syndrome, have a blast with Bomb Voyage or embrace digging straight down as the Underminer (bet he's good at Minecraft).

You can also be cool as ice as Frozone, keep your secret identity under wraps with street-clothes versions of the family, or play retro-style with Elastigirl and Mr Incredible's classic skins! Plus tons of characters from the new movie - have a click through the gallery of all 42 skins below:

The Incredibles Skin Pack is out today! You can find it in the Minecraft Marketplace. It'll be rolling out on different editions of the game throughout the day, so keep checking! Go dress up as a superhero and punch a tree! But, y'know, heroically.

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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