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Howling Peaks DLC out today

Take a peek at these peaks

Climbing a mountain has been the peak of my bucket list for years now, so imagine my surprise when I was finally offered the chance without ever leaving the comfort of my couch! It’s all thanks to the newest DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, Howling Peaks. For everyone with the ambition of reaching a mountaintop (but with the physical stamina of climbing over a pile of laundry) this is a perfect way to experience the summit views you’ve always dreamed of. Forget airline tickets, all you need is access to a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, or Xbox One!

But just as a mountain range has many peaks (and just like I get endless mileage out of this metaphor), this release has even more to deliver. We’re also releasing the new Season Pass and a free update (including six new enchantments) – all available today! For more information on everything that is releasing today, please check out our previous announcement post here

It’s all happening! Get that climbing gear ready, then promptly pack it away and go put on your gaming sweatpants. To learn more about these offers and how to get the DLC pack for your platform of choice, visit the Minecraft Dungeons website.

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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