How to Get the MOST out of your Minecraft Live Experience

Minecraft Live is this Saturday, October 16th! For many of you, attending this sort of event might be old hat. But maybe it’s your very first time? Maybe you don’t know how to maximize your viewing experience at home, or what to wear, what snacks to have on hand, or just how many monitors is the optimal amount of monitors?

Luckily for you, we’ve called on a few of our favorite Minecraft content creators to provide a list of tips on how to get the most out of your 2021 Minecraft Live viewing experience.

First off, it’s hard to go wrong with this list of best practices by Tinker77:

·         Before the show, get your viewing area setup with all your Minecraft plushies and trinkets.  Bring Minecraft into the real world!

·         Put on your Minecraft skin! Get a costume put together. Don’t be shy!

·         Watch with friends! Enjoy the reactions people have when the new features are announced.

·         Post pictures of your watch party all over!

·         Go to your favorite YouTuber/Streamer and join their Discord Minecraft Live watch channel.

·         Have a good selection of snacks ready. Have some backup snacks in case you run out. Better have a backup for your backup snacks.

·         Stay hydrated! 

·         Move around a little! Stand up and cheer when you hear some great news!

·         Go AFK (Away From Keyboard) at your Iron Farm!


This is a pretty exhaustive list of suggestions, but we’ve got even more. Not sure what the perfect snack is? How about some inspiration from EnderHusband?

“I'm fully prepared and ready to watch! The candy TNT is red licorice wrapped in strips of paper! Cut outs of rice krispie treats were dyed and I frosted them to look like creepers and grass blocks. Finally I made leaves out of rice crispy, and put them on a KitKat to get the ultimate Minecraft tree!”

Or maybe you want what F1RECRACKR’s having:

“In order to stay focused on all the exciting things happening with Minecraft I put together a bunch of savory and sweet snack options. All of them are super easy to make and all took less than 3 minutes to put together. I suggest a bucket of milk or water to stay hydrated as well! The slime is grapes, string is mozzarella whips, records are Oreos, and the rotten flesh is jerky. The suspicious stew is Nilla wafers topped with vanilla pudding and sprinkles, torches are pretzel rods topped with M&Ms, and the skeleton bones are Cheetos.“


But what about your setup? How do you make sure your computer is ready for the show?

Of course, you should always make sure your Minecraft pals, big and small, have a good view of the show. Here’s WildGoat’s channel mascot Little Buddy sitting front row center, eagerly anticipating everything that’s going to be announced.

“Not everyone in my family is on the camera for our channel so in order to keep viewers in the loop of things we do, I started to incorporate a channel mascot. For this show, we are looking forward to huddling around one of my monitors to see all that happens. My kids like the voting that happens on Twitter too. We are looking forward to this upcoming event!”

And would it really be Minecraft Live without some cosplay? Katiegeecakes is decked out and ready to go in this cosplay rendition of her Minecraft skin, and hopes you will be too.

“In celebration of Minecraft Live I decided to bring my Minecraft skin to life and will be enjoying the festivities in costume!”

Are you ready for Minecraft Live? If not, then we hope this article helps a little bit. Thanks to all of our creators who submitted ideas and examples to inspire our community, and see you all at the show!

Written By
Kristina Horner