Image of the interior of a large tan stone building created in Minecraft with a ceiling that's open and looks like a spider with legs going across the top.

How to Enjoy Minecraft More

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I'm going to say something, and it's going to sound like Minecraft sacrilege, but: Don't put Mending on all your tools and armour. I know, right? Why wouldn't you?

Well, Minecraft YouTuber Dallasmed65, who's been working on his Minecraft world for seven years, makes a good case: having Mending on everything gives you a reason to stop making new things. That means that you'll stop looking for diamonds, stop interacting with villagers, and stop having those moments of excitement and tension when your armor is about to break - you know, all the things that make Minecraft so fun. 

In his video, "How to enjoy Minecraft more", Dallasmed65 tells us how he's managed to keep going with his incredible world for so long. He has a museum, where he keeps all of his old (almost-broken) tools to remember his time in the game, but it's also somewhere to commemorate the moments he's had along the way, like his very first mineshaft. He also has a lab, where he "studies" all of the new items, blocks, and plants that get added to the game, like the Caves & Cliffs dripleaf and azalea trees.

Dallasmed65 also has a journal – a journal inside Minecraft – where he writes down his ideas, his activities, and even his to-do lists, as well as important details like the names of his cats, bees, and birds. There's a cemetery, too - we've all experienced the heartache of a dog that jumped into lava or a panda that rolled off a cliff, and a cemetery is a lovely way to remember them in the game.

I think my favourite tip on how to enjoy Minecraft more, and one that really captures Dallasmed65's approach to the game, is "make dangerous parts". We all tend to get really protective about our mansions and our riches, and that means we can go a little overboard with lighting things up – but sometimes, letting the world go a bit wild is what can inspire you to make something new. 

Not everything in your world has to be perfect and functional. Sometimes, the best parts of Minecraft are the ones where you let the game guide you - and Dallasmed65's tips are all about going with the flow, and learning to live with the world, instead of shaping it to your needs. Your Minecraft world is a history book of your time with the game, and that's worth showcasing, not hiding! It'll be a long time before any of us have spent seven years in one world, but I hope that one day, I'll have a world full of memories just like this one.

Kate Gray
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Kate Gray