Hopeful Hive!

An eco-loving structure from Elgringau!

It's hard not to worry about what the future holds for this bright blue planet of ours sometimes. But we’re optimists here at Minecraft.net and like featuring builds that have hope for the future of humanity. Builds that envision a future where through creativity, teamwork and imagination, our species will craft all sorts of wonderful things to keep that pesky apocalypse at bay. Hooray for hopeful builds!

Hopeful builds like, er, one that’s called The Human Hive?

Surprisingly, yes, actually! Because despite having a name that sounds like a particularly grim Mad Max sequel, The Human Hive is actually a structure that imagines how humans could use renewable energy to live sustainably in the future. Its builder, Elgringau hopes to inspire us all to make the changes we need to our lifestyles before spiky leather becomes the dominant fashion trend of the globe.

I’ll admit, when I first heard the title The Human Hive, this bright, glittering structure was not what I had in mind. Luckily, Elgringau’s imagination isn’t as dark as mine. And his reasoning for calling his work The Human Hive is actually quite beautiful.

“The Human Hive is a contemporary architectural concept,” he explains. “It’s designed to look like a museum, an art gallery, or even a multimedia library. The result of collaboration between innovative minds, aiming to make their civilisation grow!”

Elgringau’s build is heavily influenced by his study of architecture in University. He takes his inspiration from some of his favorite architects and from his love of nature and desire to preserve it.

“My idea was to create a structure that would renew the link between nature and civilization while shifting its main sources of energy to something clean and renewable. You can see adjustable solar panels that can track the sun in the forecourt. There are also multiple greenhouses on the rooftop open to everybody.”

Elgringau worries about the future of the world, but believes it's not too late to save it.

“In the near future, our civilization is going to face big issues if it doesn’t take into consideration the impact we have on our planet. That is why I created The Human Hive. I looked up various architectural methods so the building I was creating would fit into and respect the environment.”

OK, that’s great! But why does this hive have to have bees? Bees are wonderful necessary creatures to which we owe just about every tasty green thing we eat. But – and I mean this as lovingly as I can – bees are ugly and scary looking. Would you ever date a bee? Exactly.

Elgringau patiently explains. “I like to think of humans as bees since we both need to work together to survive. Hives are also constantly moving. The Human Hive is a place of learning where people come in and out to learn and spread ideas.”

Oh. OK! That’s actually terribly clever, and Elgringau is a clever builder, even when he doesn’t mean to be. Looking closely at the Hive, it resembles a boat-like structure, much like Noah’s Ark. I wondered if this was intentional.

“It’s not!” he laughs. “But if you think about it, it still fits with the idea I had for this build: that we have to move forward hand-in-hand with nature to survive!”

You know what, Elgringau? You’ve sold me! I’ll happily live in The Human Hive. No bees in my room please.

Renders by Iskillia, ThomasEsc and VoennixX

Written By
Ash Parrish