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Azacore's advice on breaking into the building biz

Job interviews are tough. You have to look, sound and act professional, talk about yourself at length without seeming self-obsessed, and convince everyone you’re the best without bragging - all while wearing the most uncomfortable pair of shoes you own.

Things work a little differently in the world of Minecraft, though. Want to be a part of a build team? Spire specialist Azacore’s experience might be interesting to hear. His newest project was an application to professional Minecraft build team Octovon, and he has some insight as to what it was like to try out for one of the community’s most prestigious build teams.

“Octovon is a pretty old and well known team,” Azacore says. “I followed a lot of their builders on Twitter and I was really inspired by the work they do. They’re pretty dope! That got me thinking about joining them but I wasn’t ready yet. I took some time to improve my skills and when they started accepting submissions, I felt ready to apply and I did.”

“It’s actually an easy application process,” says Azacore. “You just need to create a project which shows off your desire to join the team and your unique building style. Being original is very important.”

If you’re trying to become apart of a team, it’s also handy if you showcase some sort of speciality, the one thing you do the best. Azacore’s specialty is his realistic creations. “If you check my Twitter or Planet Minecraft profiles, that’s what I’m best at. I also like to do Sci-Fi and futuristic builds too, but I’m mostly known for my realistic work.”

Realistic work taken right from the source: his own backyard. “These buildings were inspired by some of the Spanish districts in my hometown,” says Azacore. “But I also knew that if I just built from life, it wasn’t going to be enough. I had to add something from my imagination too.”

And evidently, it worked, as he got the job!

“It felt really good,” says Azacore. “Getting positive feedback from a professional team like them would make anyone feel special and worthy.”

But even if you don’t, don’t fret. Not everybody gets good news all the time. Not even Azacore himself.

“The first couple of teams I applied to rejected me,” he says. “If some doors close for you, you should know that bigger ones will open but you have to find them yourself. That’s how I got to Octovon. Rejection hurts, but use it to improve yourself and your work. That’s the best advice I and give.”

Sound advice, and not just for aspiring builders but really anyone looking for a new job. Just remember to bring plasters for those uncomfortable shoes.

Azacore starts work with his new team soon, so keep an eye out for him on Twitter to see what he builds next.

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