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Hidden Depths DLC Out Now

Take the plunge now

Ahoy, landlubbers! No. Nope, that’s terrible. I’m starting the article over again.  

Time to jump into the deep end of Minecraft Dungeons with the new Hidden Depths DLC – which conveniently goes live today! A shard from the Orb of Dominance has been wreaking havoc, and it’s up to you to free the tides from the dangerous undertow of corruption. Look, it’s all good to save the Overworld from corruption (and very important work!), but let’s be honest... the loot doesn’t hurt! New weapons, gear, and artifacts are waiting beneath the surface among countless lost treasures.  

Of course, there’s also a free update today that provides new content for all Minecraft Dungeons players. Lurking among the mix of new mobs and enemies are Raid Captains, a powerful new enemy! Seek out these Raid Captains and add a new level of challenge to your missions (and more importantly, reap the rewards).  

The natural beauty of this DLC may distract you from the dangers of the deep, but the new weapons, gear, and artifacts make sure everything will go swimmingly. If all else fails, at least you’ll still have the Baby Turtle pet. To learn more about these offers and how to get the DLC pack for your platform of choice, visit the Minecraft Dungeons website. Be sure to check out our Patch notes as well! 

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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