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The WWF-panda logo created with Minecraft blocks

Helping the WWF to help Pandas

Pandas made Minecraft cuter. We gave something back

Our Cats and Pandas update is probably still one of the cutest to date. While developing it we felt inspired to help support real-life Pandas (who are just as cute as the ones in-game) but, sadly, in need of real help.

The panda population is at risk (in fact there are only just over 1,800 of them left) due to forest loss caused by infrastructure development. The WWF is helping by creating more legally protected areas, building more local capacities for nature reserve management in China’s Yangtze Basin, and lots more, all with an aim to protect our furry friends.

We partnered with the WWF to donate $100,000 as soon as our players placed 10 million bamboo blocks. As we expected, they smashed that goal extremely quickly! 

We also created a Paws and Claws cosplay skin pack (inspired by the sharp looks of both cats and pandas) and donated 62.5% of all sales to help fund the WWF’s amazing work protecting vulnerable species. 

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